Monday, January 17, 2011

Our compost is cooked

Back in the middle of winter last year the kids helped me build a compost pile - this is what it looked like then - lots of layers - we had straw and shredded paper from the chook pen, some weeds, some of the dirt from the floor of the chookpen, lucerne straw, lawn clippings.  We piled it up high and left it.

Last weeked we used our lovely composted soil as a top layer in some new raised beds - the lower half of the beds were filled with aged garden mulch straw bales.

Look at those healthy worms in the new soil.

Here is our youngest boy planting out some seeds into the fresh rich soil in one of our raised garden beds.

And just a week on..... the climbing beans are really taking off..

This has really inspired us to build more compost heaps to create more soil - it's so much nicer than anything you can get in a bag from a garden supply centre.

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