Friday, November 4, 2011

No foil or plastic wrap for two years now

When we moved to Orange nearly four years ago I stopped buying aluminium foil and plastic cling wrap.  It took nearly two years to use up the last of my rolls of each in the kitchen draw - but for about the last two years we have been aluminium foil and cling wrap free.  I get asked many questions as to how I do it.  So here are my strategies.

  • We have been using reusable sandwich wraps for packed lunches all this year - I have been very happy that the kids have not lost a single wrap over the year - even if I have to search for them in the school trouser's pocket or at the bottom of the school bag.  I find that these reusable wraps are great - I wipe them down with a cloth and tea towel daily and put them all through the washing machine at the end of the week. I have had Mum's from school ask about the warps the kids use - along with work colleagues commenting on Dad's wraps in his work lunchbox.
  • The kids lunchboxes are designed to be rubbish free as well.... having many little compartments that we can put unwrapped biscuits, cheese and fruit into.

  • When we have left overs from the evening meal I pack them directly into a lunchbox for Dad to take to work the next day or simply put a plate over the top of the bowl of leftovers before putting it into the fridge.
  • When we cook cakes for the kids school we use an old cereal box - cut to make a lid.

  • In the microwave (although we are doing without one at the moment as it is not working) - we use ceramic bowls with a plate on the top instead of using cling wrap.
  • The other day we cooked a fresh trout on the BBQ - wrapped in silverbeet from the garden instead of foil.  The dogs loved the fish infused silverbeet as an add-on to their evening meal.  

We have certainly adjusted quickly to not have aluminium foil or plastic cling wrap in the house - and that is now another aisle of the supermarket that we can avoid - which I find empowering.  


  1. I would never have thought to use silverbeet instead of foil.

  2. Wow! I've done away with glad wrap too but not foil. I hardly ever use it, but for things like leaving a roast to stand, I haven't worked out an alternative. We use sandwich wraps but also wash bread bags. Hubby takes his lunch in the bread bags rather than wraps. I think it must be more 'Manly'!

  3. Linda.. we cook most of our roasts in a covered cast iron pots that can have a lid added once taken out of the oven to stand before carving. I am lucky my Hubby gladly accepts lunch in a reusable wrap - even if it's pink.