Friday, August 20, 2010

Designs nearing completion

In earlier blog entries I have referred to the Permaculture Design Course that I am doing here in Orange.  Well - we are nearing the completion of the course and our garden designs are due to be presented to the rest of the class next weekend.

I am feeling nearly ready in some areas of our home garden design... like what I have put together for a section of the front yard.... I have plans for a mix of fruit trees, fruit bearing shrubs, the native pea Hardenbergia violoacea and other flowers to attract pollinators and predators - a perfect plant guild I think.

... but work on the back yard design is still well a little more in draft ...

I have had lots of fun reading and thinking about how we can be more productive in our home yard... and I love the ideas of permaculture that encourage the use a a wide range of perennial plants so that the maintenance of the garden once established will be less.  That sounds good for someone like me who is struggling to say no to new work projects.

I look forward to sharing with you how I progress in implementing my grand ideas to our garden... or maybe how the harder task of getting the design ideas past the family committee progresses.

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