Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holiday treasure hunt

We have been away from the blog over the last week as we were attending a family wedding in Sydney.   The extended family booked accomodation on Cockatoo Island - with views of the harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and all sorts of natural historty and other historical things to explore - we all had lots of fun on the island.

By the second day on the island the boys were asking for more activities to do and a treasure hunt was suggested...... so a treasure hunt list was created and the search began.

The list -
  • orange leaf
  • blue flower
  • round small pebble
  • feather
  • long leaf
  • round leaf
  • seed pod
  • Y shaped stick
  • white flower
  • smelly leaf
  • purple and white leaf
  • heart shaped leaf

Getting the treasure hunt list checked off first was our littlest - who had collected things with a little help from Grandma

Dad helped our youngest boy....

And our eldest got to do the treasure hunt all on his own...

It was lots of fun for all involved... including Dad and Grandma...

After we checked the lists off all items had to be returned to where they came from... that was almost as much fun as the initial treasure hunt...

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  1. Lucky you! Cockatoo island would have been an unreal place to stay!

    Aren't treasure hunts fun.I resort to them often.