Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slashed feed-in tariff for solar power in NSW

Not sure if you heard the news..... but in NSW the gross feed in tariffs for solar power have just been reviewed and reduced from 60 cents to 20 cents a kilowatt hour!!

We have our solar array generating and feeding into the grid already so our 60 cents a kilowatt hour is locked in until 2016.... although I think there is a 300 megawatt cap.  However, if you were considering installing solar power but haven't signed an agreement yet you will be stuck with 20 cents per kilowatt hour - which for most will make the installation of solar panels an unappealing and non-viable choice.

A range of news articles have been published on the topic - here are some if you would like to read more.

Slashed feed-in tariff makes solar hot water even more attractive - Government - News - Southern Courier

New South Wales is slashing the gross feed-in tariff for its solar bonus scheme because it is costing too much - Sydney Morning Herald.

Power blame game heats up (TheAustralian Article)

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