Friday, December 10, 2010

Reviving old picture frames

We have a series of photos from our early hiking and travelling days in our hall - they are close to 20 years old and starting to show their age.  Dad had often remarked that we should update them and I hadn't really known what I could update them with - until Dad suggested some of the kid's artwork.

Being the end of year - school desks are being cleared out and artwork is coming home daily.  So we are selecting some of the kid's brightest and more colourful art pieces to replace our more tired photos in our hallway. 

The result is great....

and the kid's are so proud of their mini art gallery.

We will soon be sorting through the rest of the paintings and drawings to get a selection to wrap the Christmas presents in - this was a great hit last year.

PS - I have just included a "like" button on our blog- I have met many of you who read my blog through work but I rarely hear from you. Sometimes it would just be nice to know that you are reading and enjoying our blog.  So if you enjoyed reading please send us a :) by clicking the "I enjoyed ready your blog" button at the bottom of each post.


  1. Hi Marita

    An RSS feed button or 'follow' widget would be great too! Then I could just add you to google reader.....

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