Thursday, March 25, 2010

What to do with all those childcare paintings

Our littlest is a prolific painter while in childcare... I admire the staff of these facilities for finding all sorts of paper and cardboard for the children to utilise... however, we end up with an always growing pile of paintings and drawings.  While I like to keep a few, I do not have the space to store them all.  So instead of trying to sneak them out into the paper recycling bin I use them for wrapping gifts - our littlest feels so proud that her paintings get a new life.

Here are some of her recent paintings and drawings - and a wrapped present for our new neice - priceless wrapping I think.

I have been reusing my kids paintings for a while - and have even spotted the grandparents carefully unwrapping their presents so as not to spoil the creative wrapping paper so they have paintings from the kids to treasure.  Last Christmas I did not buy any wrapping paper at all!

A simple, but creative way to reuse childrens paintings one more time...... who else does this? 

What other uses do you have for all those kids creations?


  1. I wish I could do that but will be drowning in kids pictures before long because of my inability to throw out any of my children's masterpieces... I am to attached to them all sadly! lol

  2. The present arrived safely to our new neice and family and was really appreciated.. I think that is better than having paintings sitting in the cupboard... I se it as recycling the paintings... not throwing them out..