Sunday, February 20, 2011

Soft drink bottle flowers at the community garden

On the weekend we spent time down at the ELF Community Garden making flower sculptures from soft drink bottles and harvesting this seasons potatoes.

Carefully cutting petals from a soft drink bottle.

We used a hole punch and some paper fasteners to attach the petals to the base of the flowers.

Then we put on a stem and some extra wire as decoration - the kids displaying their finished products.

There were too many kids wanting to make plastic drink bottle flowers so we did not get time to make these gorgeous saucepan lid - venetian blind flowers.  Hopefully we will have another workshop soon as I would love some of these in my home garden.

After we finished the flower sculptures we spent some time working in the community garden. Bandicooting for potatoes was a favourite for many of the kids.

The potato harvest.... it was mashed potato for tea tonight so that we can make the most of some lovely fresh potatoes.

Our next community garden working bee coincides with a day introduction to permaculture- we will be building wicking beds, no dig gardens and compost heaps.  We can't wait.


  1. Thats great you have such an active garden nearby. I bet those potatoes are delicious.

  2. This is my favorite project whenever my mom designs and puts decorations in her garden. I usually help her recycle stuff like empty bottles and paper into home decorations. Anyway, I love your flower sculpture! It's a very creative piece!