Saturday, February 26, 2011

A week of solar cooking

Tricia and Heather have asked me to contribute to their soon to be published sun oven cook book. This has inspired me to cook a whole range of things in our solar oven this week - luckily it has been a mostly sunny week.

We started with baked squashes and golden nugget pumkins - picked from our garden.

Then had an Indian feast of dahl and a palek paneer (spinach and cheese) with rice.

We stewed some rhubarb from the back yard with some new season apples from a local orchard and topped half of it with a cobbler and the other half a baked custard mix.

In the oven now is a weekend batch of chocolate muffins for the kids.

If you have some recipes you would like to contribute to the upcoming solar oven cook book contact Tricia and Heather at .


  1. Hello Solar Friend, It is always interesting to see what others are cooking in their solar ovens. Your food sounds (and looks) delicious. I am still amazed that something so simple as a solar oven can cook all of these wonderful things. I have found that almost all of the recipes that my family loves do quite well in the solar oven. Txazlady

  2. That all looks so delicious Marita! We seem to be getting a lot of cloudy days here at the moment, so no solar cooking in the last week or so.

    Thanks for being part of our project :-)

  3. Thanks for popping bye Txazlady. Lucky I got lots of cooking in last week as it is now cloudy and wet here - not so good weather for solar cooking.

    Tricia - I did want a bit more sun..... I was going to try a baked meat loaf... not sure how long this is set in for... our organic mince beef is in the freezer until the sun shines again...

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