Monday, March 7, 2011

Going well on our sustainable meats New Years resolution

At the beginning of the year we made a resolution to eat mostly local, organic or free range meat.  To date we have been able achieve our goal by:
  1. Buying local and free range meet from local shops - Totally Local and the Farmgate Butchery.
  2. Going to the local take-away shop that uses free range chickens when we need a hot roast chook rather than getting a non-free range hot chook from the local supermarket.
  3. Even the big supermarket chains in town now offer a range of meat products to support our resolution - we can get free-range chickens (whole, pieces or sausages), free range pork and organic beef.
  4. Finally, we decided to try some kangaroo meat - considered a more environmentally friendly option than the hoofed animals we normally eat (sheep and cattle) and to have lower greenhouse gases produced.  So we tried Roo stroganoff after seeing Linda and Tricia's recipes in the past. Everyone loved it - so I am sure it will be on the menu agin sometime. 

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  1. Roo stroganoff is good isn't it! Have you seen this great roo cookbook that can be downloaded for free: