Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Earth Hour contribution

I have heard mixed reports about Earth Hour - whether or not it's worth doing?  We won't do it unless the big companies do it! We can't make a difference!

Well we did it.  We joined a small group of Orange residents up on the summit of Mt Lindsay - the event was organised by ECCO (Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Orange) and OCAN (Orange Climate Action Now).  We sat and had our evening meal looking out over Orange city by torchlight - it was also our youngest boys birthday so was the perfect opportunity to celebrate. 

We had switched off - we just turned the power off at the fuse box as we left home.

Was it worth it?  Yes, because I believe we can make a difference.  In our Session 2 reading for the Energymark group there was a pie chart reflecting usage of power in NSW - about a third of all power in NSW goes to residential households!  This figure alone gives me the conviction that we as households can make a difference - we don't have to wait for the industrial or commercial sectors.  It is our belief that every little bit counts - so we are trying to reduce our footprint as a family.


  1. thanks for the pie chart. Sometimes it feels a little disheartening making the changes we do and wondering if it really makes a difference. Happy Birthday to the little one too.

  2. I also passionately believe that individuals can make a difference. In the face of so much political and industrial inertia on this, I believe it will be the power of the individual that eventually tips the balance and gets large scale change happening.

  3. It's great to hear from other's that believe we as individuals can make a difference. Thanks for visiting.