Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter bunny found ethical eggs this Easter..

This year Easter bunny found a Fair Trade Easter egg for everyone (even Mum and Dad). 

Easter was kept simple this year - one Fair Trade egg per kid and then onto decorating some real hard boiled eggs.

First to draw on the eggs with crayons....

Then to dip them in the food colouring, hot water and vinegar mixture...

 Then to let them dry... before polishing them with a little olive oil...

Now they are all ready for the smashing.

We had fun making and smashing hand our decorated Easter eggs like we did last year - again it was great to sit down as a family decorating eggs to get ready for the great smashing contest.

We might have to find some good hard boiled egg recipes though before next Easter. This year we had eggs in a salad and then egg and lettuce sandwiches - I think we need to be a little more creative with the leftover hard boiled eggs.

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