Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a SMASHING Easter Sunday....

Easter Sunday with was spent with relatives this year, the highlight being a traditional Russian Egg Tapping contest.

The first step was to decorate the hard boiled eggs which involved drawing on the eggs with crayon

and dipping them into a food dye, vinegar and water solution..

and wow!!!.

We rested the freshly painted eggs in the cartons to dry..

Once dry we polished the painted eggs by rubbing butter on them and after our main meal on Sunday evening the plate of decorated eggs came out for the contests to begin.

With the rules of the contest layed out it was time to find the toughest egg.

The end result, a lot of fun, lots of smashed eggs and one winner.... 

traditionally the holder of the winning egg is supposed to eat all the hard boiled eggs they have won....

but we kept the egss for lunch the following day. 

I was a great fun Easter Sunday.... I can see it becoming a tradition in our Easter....

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  1. That does sound like lots of fun. I think we'll give it a go next year. Thanks.