Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting kids into bike riding..

The idea of starting our journey over the school holidays was a good one.... well so it went until one of the boys got a puncture in his tyre on the way home from dropping our littlest one at daycare. After a walk home (slightly longer than the ride - but with more constructive talk time) and a trip to the shops for another puncture repair kit then some tyre fixing with the boys we will be off to daycare for pick-ups this afternoon.

This is one of my 2010 goals - to do at least half of my daycare drop offs and pick-ups on the bike. Will see how I go.... not sure about Orange's winters where it can snow! Once school is back next week, the boys will be riding down with me after school to pick up their little sister.

This regular riding should keep them fit for our holiday activities that have in the past included riding some of Victoria's Rail Trails (pictures were taken on the Beechworth-Everton Trail).

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  1. The boys look so grown up! I've been trying to ride to work most days, but havn't been going so well since christmas. I drove every day this week! Hmmm - Hopefully i'll do better next week.