Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Board games on our TV free Tuesday evenings

As part of our quest to make life at home more sustainable we have decided to make Tuesdays a TV free day.  To help remind Dad and the kids - a cloth gets put over the TV on Tuesdays.  So far TV free Tuesdays are going well and the kids are enjoying playing a board games instead.  It's been a great way to enjoy some family time.  We are all looking forward to many more TV free Tuesdays and being able to learn some more games as a family.


  1. I think I like it - thinking of going TV free but hubby really won't go for it and truth be told I enjoy alittle! But TV free Thursday might work(or tuesday after packed to the Rafters season ends) hahah see I'm the trouble!

  2. Our TV free Tuesday's have been working well.... we have only broken the challenge a couple times for the year... the kids are probably the biggest enforcers and they love a game instead (chess, checkers, cards).. might introduce another day soon... will have to work out in negatiation with the family though... With one night with no TV I find that other TV free nights follow easily..