Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brrrrr...... making the most of cold mornings

Here in the Central Tablelands this week we are having the best frosts I've seen for a while - down to -5C!!

Here's the water dripping (?) into our water tank...

So I have ventured outdoors on these very cool mornings and taken photos of where the frost has settled...

... trying in particular to find spots where the frost hadn't settled heavily... these may be spots where I can plant more frost sensitive plants...

Under some of my taller trees out the front there was a small patch of lighter frost - the grass wasn't white here!

In the back yard I found a few spots with a lighter frost - near the bricks of the back ramp and around the lemon tree and rainwater tank.  The chooks have a fairly sheltered spot under some trees and shrubs. 

However, with the intensities of these frosts - there have been very few spots that have not been white in the morning.

We still have more frosts forcast for this week...... have you worked out where the frosts settles in your garden?


  1. beautiful pic of the gum leaves!!!

  2. Well done – it makes a nice change to read something that makes sense. Pleasing on the eye too. You have a real nice site