Monday, June 21, 2010

The last of our homegrown tomatoes

The frosts (some down to -4C) over the last couple of weeks finally got our tomatoes... so in a last effort to make the most of our tomatoes we harvested all the small green unripe cherry tomatoes last weekend...


Some we sat on the window sill to ripen in the sun...

Others we made into Green Tomato Chutney, Green Tomato Relish and even Green Tomato Sauce....

My favourite was the Green Tomato Relish (on the left below).....

I made it using a recipe from the Australian Women's Weekly published "The Book of Preserves" on page 103.

Did you get any green tomatoes at the end of your tomato season this year? 

What did you do with your Green Tomatoes? 

Do you have a favourite green tomato recipe?


  1. Another Marita ::waves:: so rare to run into other Marita's

    I'm really hoping to be making tomato chutney of my own next autumn. We are ever so slowly getting pots (and shoes) full of plants growing in our tiny courtyard.

  2. Not many of us around. Good luck with your tomato plants and chutney. Tomatoes are a memeory now with a series of frosts this week helping to totally kill any remaining tomoatoes and potatoes we had.