Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A trip to Warrren

I had to travel to Warren to teach this week and I thought I would share with you some of the highlights.

Firstly, I enjoy driving to a teaching location such as Warren as it gives me some "me" time to think and process my ideas and thoughts without being interrupted by the kids... not "green" I know to have to travel such distances but it doesn't occur very often.  I also intend to offset the kilometres I spend on the road for work through my 10 Point Green Home Office Pledge.

On my arrival in Warren the night before teaching - just on dark  - I was working on my computer in the motel room and I heard a "barking " noise outside .... sounded like three or more "somethings" barking at each other - and no it wasn't the local dogs.  At first thought I was thinking possum or owl but they just didn't sound right.  On talking to Dad when I got home we have decided that I was in fact listening to "Barking Marsh Frog" - Limnodynastes fletcheri.  If you visit the linked page you will be able to play a recording of its call and see exactly why it's called a Barking Marsh Frog. 

Limnodynastes fletcheri - The Barking Grass Frog

Here is the lovely old building that I had for our class - we were nestled in on the banks of the Macquarie River... According to local council's "Tour of  Warren"- The Orana Community College (TAFE) occupies the old primary school buildings which were updated and reopened in 1983.

On my drive home I called in at a rest area to have a quick look at the Macquarie River.... not very exciting you may think...

But I was excited to find three scarred trees within 20 metres of the car... it shows a long history of occupation and importance of this site. 

This is the river at the roadside rest area - it has lots of snags for native fish habitat.

The trees below are Aboriginal scarred trees... what were they used for?  Who put them there? And how old are they?

The third tree may have European significance as it has an old nail in the middle and the scar tissue around the blaze hasn't grown back as much... I should have looked more closely for the axe marks on the scar.

Finally, there is nothing better than a sunset in the plains out west....

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