Friday, July 23, 2010

"Technology free" Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Back on the 26th January I posted a blog entry to declare that Tuesdays were to be TV free - it has now been 6 months from our original commitment and we are proud to say that there has only been a rare occasion when this challenge has been broken (for example,  when the kids managed to get onto the local TV news).

Board games with the family and other activities such as marbles have become a part of TV free Tuesdays - it has been a fantastic result.

I guess the time has come to make more of a commitment to free up family time in the evenings.  I am inspired by Tricia's story of removing the TV from the lounge room and all the responses that that post received- so we have now agreed to add Thursday nights to our TV free nights and we have agreed to change from TV free to technology free nights - that is no emails, no web surfing, no Facebook, no after hours work on the computer, no playing on the iPod Touch.  So that's the challenge now - "technology free Tuesday and Thursday evenings".

Even with the introduction of a TV free Tuesday we have found that many more evenings have been spent playing family games rather than habitually turning the TV on.  So we are hoping that with the introduction of technology free evenings we will have more time with the kids and maybe the adults can find the time for some quiet reading or time learning new skills like a playing musical instrument or working out to play Mah Jong with the Dad's Grandparent's old Mah Jong set that is sitting un-used in the games cupboard.

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