Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time with the extended family

We have had an eventful time over the last few days... starting with my Mum (Nan) arriving in time for my oldest's birthday on Friday.  The birthday cake was had down at the Orange Botanic Gardens listening to the Big Phat Jazz Band from the Orange Regional Conservatorium as part of Music in the Gardens.

We then spent some time on the weekend getting some more stone fruit preserved and more blackberry jam made.  Thanks to those that kindly donated some preserving jars that were in boxes in their sheds after my last story on preserving.  I would still like to try to get some tomatoes bottled - ours are just ripening now. 

It would also be interesting to cost the energy input of storing fruit and tomatoes in the freezer in comparison to the high energy input of preserving them on the stovetop and storing in the cupboard.  Has anyone done this?

Nan has enjoyed playing board games with the kids on our TV tree Tuesday nights...

On Monday I had my thyroid removed and are at the moment recovering at home - I have a sore throat and the anaesthetic has knocked me about.  Dad bought me a lovely made in Orange olive oil bottle - will have to get to the farmers markets in a couple of weeks to pick up some more local olive oil.

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  1. Sorry to hear about you having to have your thyroid removed. I hope you recover quickly.

    I canntot believe how much your eldest looks like his dad! Freaky!!!

    And how lovely for someone to donate you their old preserving jars.