Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our last box of tissues...

I had been buying recycled tissues from the supermarket to deal with the kids runny noses... but had made a descision a while ago that the current box of tissues was the last one for our household.

A month or two ago I found a pair of cot sheets that had been used but not much... just enough to make it feel washed and soft but not worn out.  The other day I got to these cot sheets and a muslin wrap I was no longer using and cut them into squares to make kids hankies.

So with the help from my oldest boy (his first sewing machine lesson) we hemmed the cut out hankies simply with a nice wide zig-zag stitch. 

We now have a nice bunch on hankies for use by all the family (hopefully Dad won't have to share his hankies with everyone anymore now).

The hankies were put into the drawer in the dresser in the kitchen .... freely available for the kids to use. 

So here's to our tissues free house.

Next on my list for reducung our use of paper products around the house is the making of more napkins and maybe some small cloths that I can use for oiling or greasing pans or tins in the kitchen.

For our outdoor activities over the last few days... Grandma has taken the kids down to the start of outdoor soccer training, we have been out in the garden, our eldest has been training for his 2km cross country run and we all went down to watch the boys march in the Anzac Day parade today.

The boys getting ready to join their school mates in the Anzac Parade this morning.

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  1. The boys look so cute :-)

    and well done sewing all those hankies. I've collected some second hand - but needed more so cut up an old sheet using pinking hem..I was too lazy. They have lasted pretty well.