Sunday, April 18, 2010

We went west for the last week of the school holidays

I have been quiet over the last week as we packed up the camping gear and headed out west for the last week of the school holidays.... so we had no phone or internet for nearly a week.... it was a great unwind and a chance to reconnect with the envirnoment for us all. 

It also provided plenty of outdoor time for our month of April Get Outdoors Challenge.

Gundabooka National Park

We saw so much that I have decided to gradually upload some of our highlights in various posts - which I will link to below once we have completed the blog entries.
  1. Insects and spiders
  2. Bushwalking
  3. Lizards, frogs and birds
  4. Flowers
  5. Scats and tracks
  6. Cultural heritage
But today I will start with some of our general exploring out the back of Bourke

 We decided that it would be a good time to head out west for several reasons,
  • the Darling River was in flood,
  • there has been lots of rain in north western NSW so the country should look good, and
  • it was going to be warm (close to 30oC - compared to the almost 20oC we are getting in Orange at the moment)
Here are some photos of the kids exploring a range of outdoor things in and around Bourke.

on the reconstructed wharf at Bourke... the Darling River was in flood.... there is another level to the wharf under water..

walking over the Old North Bourke bridge...

the Darling River flooding out onto the river plains as seen from the old North Bourke bridge......

exploring the natural environment with Grandma...

and the boys enjoying some dirty outdoor time...


  1. Sounds like an unreal holiday...and am looking forward to the rest of the posts.

    Re us getting together for a joint camping trip...Great idea. Have you been to Goulburn River National Park? Or do you feel like a coast trip for a change? CHat soon.

  2. That was funny to get your latest blog entry as my family & I have recently moved to Bourke and your writings could have been me a few months ago! You all look like you had a great time - it is beautiful country.
    Thank you.

  3. Tricia - we have had a look around Goulburn NP a year or so ago.... are keen to get into Dunns Swamp or back into Newnes.... and of course the coast...haven't seen the sea for a while.... also have Barrington Tops area on my list... we are about to hit soccer Saturdays now though (all winter Dad and kids)... so school holidays are often the best for us..

    Korina - it looks fantastic out your way at the moment.... good to see so much green and so much water in the river - the kids had so much fun as you will see further in posts to come..