Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Get Outdoors Challenge finishes with a psst....

We were going so well as a family getting outdoors daily in April until the last week..... I had a huge workload... running workshops and teaching... I had help from Grandma... and the kids were getting outdoors a bit... then the first colds for the year started to keep the kids indoors and in bed.

some outdoors time with Dad earlier in April...

While I was working Grandma managed to fit in some walks with the kids, the boys started their outdoor soccer and the kids spent time building their cubby in the back yard.

We have found that getting outdoors as a family daily is a hard task to achieve... even though the kids manage to play outdoors most days.  I would like to now think that I could use at least one outdoor time on weekly basis to get the kids closer to nature.

We started today by having a picnic and bushwalk up at the Pinnacle Reserve amongst the tall Manna Gums and Snow Gums. 

We even managed to get sick kids up to the lookout to enjoy the views over Orange

- although we were all horrified to see a bulldozer clearing the lovely bush below! (that's the tiny yellow spot in the middle of the photo)

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