Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our moves to a better hot chocolate as winter approaches...

It is the start of Fairtrade fortnight... and we are all being encouraged to swap to Fairtrade brands of at least one thing.  As mentioned in my earlier post... we are going to commit to changing (or our Big Swap) to Fairtrade chocolate, drinking chocolate and coffee.  So this is what we are doing.

I have been trying to change our hot chocoalte powder over our last few shops... the photo below showing our progression.....  We had started with Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate.... and then with limited options in our supermarket moved to the Organic Earth Organic Drinking Chocolate... a step better because it was organic ....  On our last trip to the shops I picked up a container of  Republica Drinking Chocolate which is 100% Fairtrade, Australian Owned and Organic drinking chocolate.... and it tastes great... a much richer chocolate than many of the other hot chocolates on the shelves. 

With continued increase in demand for organic and Fairtrade products I do hope the choice of products on the shelves will continue to increase.

On the coffee front... I have been bringing home a (limited) range of Fairtrade coffee beans available in our shops and have established a taste score sheet up over the coffee grinder to find a coffee that passes the taste test of Dad who is a coffee snob.  I will let you know how we are progressing on finding a Fairtrade coffee to swap too.

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