Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All those saved toilet rolls..

Recently I have been watching as some of you from warmer climates have started planting out seeds for your summer gardens.. I have been patiently waiting.  We have been saving toilet rolls over the winter  (part of our waste reuse activities)...

On the weekend I had the kids cutting the bases and folding them under to make little pots (see here and here - who supplied the idea in the first place)

Then we filled them with a mix of river sand and compost.... 

Now we have started some of our seeds in mini hothouses on heat beds... we planted tomoatoes, pumpkins and cucumbers....  and nearly used all those toilet rolls we saved over the winter months.

Once the seedlings are large enough I will move them out to the shadehouse before planting them out in the garden after our last frosts - in Orange that is around the Melbourne Cup (first week in November). 

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