Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sustainable Living Week in Orange

It was Sustainable House Day on Sunday 12th September.. in Orange the week following was Sustainable Living Week and we participated in a few activities.  In my role as the local Landcare coordinator and as a teacher at our local TAFE I helped out on a infomration table at the Sustainable Living Expo last Saturday and then we spent most of Sunday looking through some local sustainable homes... and here are some photos I'd like to share.

We started at this house... a house feature in Sanctuary Magaziine

Water features are always a hit with the kids..... we plan to get some water features into our garden...

We loved all the north facing windows we got to see... and are so jealous that we have a 1980's house with very little northern aspect..

More north facing windows..

A small urban permaculture garden......

A 1980's house that was designed with good northern aspect...

A deciduous vine on the western wall..

I would have liked to see more houses that have been retrofitted to improve efficiencies that were not designed for in the first place but we did get to see some good ideas in action.

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