Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who says young kids don't listen

For the Sustainable Living Expo last weekend we made up some small sample packs of local wattle and kurrajong seed to be propagated at home by anyone who wanted to try.  The kids helped put on some labels saying what species we had in the sample pack and how to propagate them.

Being seeds with a hard seed coat the instructions said that the seed had to be put in hot water before it was planted out into tubes.  Our littlest must have been listening to the boys and myself talking about this process and the other night came out with some seeds reading for planting!!!

She had filled the seed packet with hot water from bathroom tap... and wanted to plant the seeds - packet and all.

After a positive word about her attempts to propagate the seeds we went about learning how to do it correctly together.  So I got her to put the seeds into a coffee cup and we poured hot water from the kettle over them, waited for the water to cool and then we planted them.... now we just have to wait until they grow....

I am always amazed at how much little kids take in from the conversations that occur around them....

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