Friday, September 10, 2010

A very wet month....

I just looked up our rainfall statistics for August - I was curious to see just how wet we have been this year compared to the norm.

We got rain on half the days in August this year... with a total of about 240mm for the month (nearly the highest on record which is 270mm) - the long term average is just 94mm.  The local water supply has reached full capacity - the first time in about 5 years - our heavy water restrictions have been dropped back to a token Level 2... and everything is very wet.  A great way to go into spring and summer and in contrast to an earlier entry I made about our dry weather.

It has however been a difficult month or so to get any washing dried... and with three kids that like playing in the water and mud it has been an uphill battle to get clothes dried.

Our solution - like many households - has been to live with clotheshorses in our main living areas - a wash house....

Having said that, I have not had to resort to using the clothes dryer that we strategically left in the shed when we moved to Orange a few years ago - it's a great incentive not to switch it on!

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