Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Newspaper deliveries cancelled

Since I took on the role as the Landcare coordinator for the region nearly two years ago I have been getting the local paper delivered to stay in touch with local issues and events.  It is convenient and almost a habit ... walking out in the morning, often in my PJs to get the paper.

I am well aware of the amount of paper that has been used to create these papers.. and although we either recycle or re-use the newspaper as mulch in the garden the piles of newspaper in the lounge and around the house need to be minimised - remember the 3R's - Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.  We were recycling and re-using excess paper well but the time has come to REDUCE the amount a paper we get in the first place.

It also stresses me that newspapers are delivered by car and wrapped in plastic these days - in contrast to paper boys and girls delivering papers in  the early hours or after school when I was at school (that was my first paid job - over one hour of riding each evening after school - all for about $12 a week - I saved for my own new bike and a clock radio in my first year of high school).

Dad suggested on the weekend that we could either read the news on the web or maybe head down to the library once a week.

Our local paper "Central Western Daily" has a good website for local news and "The Australian" " also has online news.  In addition to staying in touch over the web, regular visits to the library would not be bad - I could combine newspaper reading with changing the books over for the kids who seem to read books endlessly (that's not a complaint). 

So, here's to our newspaper free house......


  1. Great idea! I read the papers at work - but if I didn't I think it would be a great excuse to visit the library.

    P.S. I like hearing what your family is up to. Its been too long since we caught up :-)

  2. As I work from home mostly (except for when I have a class)... don't have the option of a reguilar work tearoom newspaper...

    We will find time in our sustainable lives to catch up in real time...