Monday, February 1, 2010

Principles of permaculture discussed around the solar oven

I have just attended my first session in a Permaculture Design Course in Orange.  The introduction to permaculture was very inspiring for us all and I am really looking forward to beig part of a group of sustainable minds. One of the definitions of permaculture that I liked was that permaculture "draws together the diverse ideas, skills and ways of living which need to be rediscovered and developed in order to empower us to move from dependent consumers to becoming responsible and proactive citizens".

I had a fantastic time meeting many like minded people, learning all about the ethics and principles of permaculture while baking a cake in a solar oven.  I think there is bound to be a solar cook-off among members of the permaculture groups soon... that will be exciting.....

The Solar Oven - this model costs about $600 and comes from the USA

Chasing up more information on the internet will no doubt find some good solar oven designs to build for ourselves.  Just think ... those sunny days at home could be spent harnessing the suns heat to bake cakes or cook a meal for us... no electricity or gas costs, no wood burnt - no greenhouse emmissions. 

There were many issues raised over the weekend that I would like to begin exploring in our families journey toward sustainability. To list a few -
  • waste generated through needless purchases and packaging
  • virtual water trading - water used in the production of different food products
  • our level of sustainability if our systems fail (ie shops don't open, there is no power etc)
  • disconnection between production and consumption...
I am really looking forward to further exploring many ideas with all the class in the times to come...


  1. Hi Marita

    Sounds like a great workshop. I like that permaculture definition also – its not just about ‘gardening’ its about ‘living’.

    I’m keen to get a solar oven. I’m planning to get a commercial one (apparently there is a brand avail in Aus around half the price as the ‘Sun oven’) after being turned off making my own by friends who gave it a go.

    Enjoy the course. Looking forward to hearing more about the course.


  2. The Rainbow Power Company has this one ... .. can't insert a link... it was $295... do you know anyone that has tested it.... it looks good and portable for camping...

  3. I don't know anyone who has tried that style - but I do remember reading a website that compared all the styles and that case style is apparently not as hot as the Sun Oven style. But it is a nice price and its great that its so portable.