Friday, February 12, 2010

Offsetting our stay in Sydney....

Last weekend we journeyed down to Sydney for the weekend... I had purchased tickets to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo for my father.. in return for the many years that we watched the Tattoo on New Years Eve at home.  What a show!

While in Sydney we stayed in a cabin at the Lane Cove River Tourist Caravan Park .... I had chosen this as it was on old haunt of mine.. I used to stay here while doing field work for my studies at the Australian National University in the mid 1990's.  I loved the fact that it was a caravan park in a bushland setting just minutes from the hustle and bustle of suburban Sydney. I was also impressed by the environmental intitiatives that have been put into action at the park - the park has been running carbon neutral since 2005.

It was hard to miss the photovoltaic cell collection in the park...

There was a paper worm scraps bag in each cabin and the kids enjoyed the free wildlife talk in the evening.

We chose to offset our stay at the caravan park by paying an extra $6.90 a night as aprt of the Carbon Offset Package - the following is a short blurb from the Lane Cove River Toursist Caravan Parks website

"There are many ways you can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Participating in a Carbon Offset Package such as the one offered here at Lane Cove River Tourist Park, is a great place to start. This allows you, through a contribution, to negate your emissions from your stay at the Tourist Park. Our projects save emissions by creating clean energy credits, which neutralise the CO2 from your electricity use. Credits are spent on Solar Energy and investment in 100% Green Energy from Our Energy Company, as well as planting 500 trees per year."

Here is a copy of the information povided in each cabin encouraging guests at the park to become involved in the nevironmental initiatives of the park. 

There are many more environmental intitiatives employed by the park and we will be staying again because of these, its easy access to public transport directly into the city and of course the fantastic bushland setting.

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