Friday, March 12, 2010

Ethical Easter Eggs - is it possible?

It is that time of year again.... the school Easter egg raffle notes are coming home and the kids are nagging for eggs to contribute. 

In the past we have supported the idea of buying chocolate Bilbies instead of rabbits or eggs but this year I want to make more of a statement.  I want to try to source "ethical chocolate" as well. 

Maybe we can get ethical chocolate bilbies!

Here are a couple of links that I found to help us make finding ethical Easter chocolate easier - Make the Fairtrade choice this Easter! and World Vision Australias Don't be a bunny this Easter: buy ethical chocolate! website.

I am off to the shops today, with a list of possible ethical Easter chocolates, to see what I can find for the school Easter raffles as I am sure hand painted hard boiled eggs want make the grade this year with the boys.

Here is a short video on the impact Fairtrade cocoa has had on communities in Ghana -  45,000 reasons to Swap Choc.
 Once you have bought your ethical chocolate.... be sure to Tell Big Chocolate they need to stop dragging their heels on ethical chocolate production through the World Vision Australia's Follow the Leader Campaign.

Or maybe you would like to help Spread the word through the Fairtrade Easter Campaign 2010.

P.S.  Have just spent time hunting high and low for ethical Easter eggs, rabbits or bilbies with no luck.  Have resorted to a Bilby and a Wombat and a selection of Fairtrade chocolate blocks.  Have read further and see that Cadbury's are putting out Fairtrade chocolate - due for release 27th March - hardly in time for Easter!?!


  1. Great post! I am off to check out the links.

  2. Hope you have more luck than me at findig locally stocked ethical Easter chocolates (of any form)..