Monday, March 29, 2010

Trying to green up Dads coffee habits...

Today I had to go down the street to meet Dad to sort out some bank stuff.... so we agreed to meet outside the coffee shop across from his work.  As he was about to go in and grab a take away coffee in a disposable cup I took the chance to walk him down a few more shops to A Slice of Orange and we bought a Keep Cup and got it filled for the first time, hopefully many more refills will follow.  The Keep Cup unlike many other travel mugs comes in a range of standard barista coffee cup sizes.

At a price of $14.95 to purchase the Keep Cup it will take about 75 refils at the discounted price of 20 cents off that A Slice of Orange offers before you would expect to break even on costs... but at one coffee a work day that's only 15 weeks 'til Dad should just be getting discounted coffee.  Not a bad outlay I think. 

According to the environmental footprint calculator on the Keep Cup website through the life of a Keep Cup (4 years) you should expect to save (based on 5 cups of coffee per week) 1,040 paper cups, 0.1 trees, 3 kgs of plastic lids, 14 kgs of landfill and 1 gJ of energy...... you could also add the 20 cent saving of refills at the local shop over the 4 years of having your keep cup and you would save personally nearly $200 on your coffee costs.  Here's a link to some more detailed information on the research that went into Keep Cups.

Wouldn't it be great if all his fellow coffee addicts in his office could use Keep Cups as well!


  1. Thank you Marita for buying Keep Cups from us! We look forward to filling them with Bills Beans coffee time and time again!
    Happy FOOD week!
    Lisa & Jess @ A Slice of Orange

  2. Have ordered mine for London long blacks. Who knew blog power and a picture of scruffy Pat had such impact? ;-)