Sunday, March 7, 2010

Freecycling in Orange

Just joined our local Freecycle group in Orange - have heard about Freecycle recently through my little sister (thanks Little Sis)... what a great concept..... I am looking forward to seeing what comes up on the postings.... will be assessing what we may be able to give a second home instead of going to waste...

If you are not a member or want to find out more visit the Freecycle (Australia) page and find your closest group/s.  You will have to become a member to begin checking out what is wanted or what is on offer.

 Here's to happy Freecycling.....


  1. I had mixed experience with Freecycle in our area, and ended up giving and buying from op shops/ markets again! Good luck to you...

  2. Member numbers for Freecycle still relatively small here... but thought it might be nice to combine this with my usual op shopping.... although nothing beats getting the Salvos to do a pick up of assorted stuff for reuse in their stalls... that's just too easy.. I'll see how I go freecycling... can't hurt to try..