Monday, March 8, 2010

A wet Clean Up Australia Day and DS's

With the rain that made for a very wet Clean Up Australia Day we chose to stay away from cleaning and spent most of the weekend indoors listening to the rain outside.

At least the rainwater tanks are now full again.... and the kids had to find ways to amuse themselves in the rain or indoors....

It worked out that the kids had friends stay over on the weekend..... these kids came armed with DS's.... over the past years we have resisted the pleas from the boys to be part of the DS club.... and our observations on the weekend have only further confirmed our opinions of the DS...

Once playing the DS games our boys fail to listen to instructions from Mum (more so than usual), every is to be done once the next game is finished (and they are long games), they never shut the DS down on their own accord, and their friend found it hard to drag them outside for a play on the bikes.

I am hoping that we can continue to say NO to the DS, and allow the boys more time for creative and outydoors play.  But I guess that they will continue to make the most of the DS games that friends bring over whilst visiting.

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